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Lawn Care

Our professional lawn care program is tailored to individual needs of your lawn.

  • Materials adjusted from season to season.
  • Superior service only locally owned and operated company can provide.
  • Free Estimates.
  • Bermuda grass control.
  • Professional technicians.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Friendly local/superior service.
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Custom lawn care program.
  • Realistic expectations.
  • Lawn care management with over 30 years of experience.

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Lawn Care Programs

Our program begins by technicians completing a lawn analysis and recommending the program best suited for your lawn based on your expectations and conditions of your lawn, our technicians may also recommend additional services for your lawn to reach its full potential.  Check out our programs offered.

Lawn Care Programs

All programs include two applications to control crab grass, in the spring broad leaf weed control when needed, safety is our number one issue for your property and the environment. Our licensed technician carefully measure and apply products when and where needed. Our professionals are familiar with the areas soil conditions to different locations in our communities, our programs are tailored to the needs of your lawn.

Additional Programs


AeriationInvolves perforating the soil with small holes (cones) to allow all water and nutrients to penetrate to the grass roots.

Yearly core aeration helps manage thatch and can produce great results, with a managed fertilization and weed control program.

  • Aeration reduces soil compaction.
  • Reduces thatch.
  • Allows access to root zone.
  • Enhances seed germination
  • Overseeding introduces new grass seed to fill in bare or thin areas as well as thicken existing turf.
  • Overseeding builds resistance to disease.
  • Aeration and overseeding will help reduce weeds.
  • Aeration and overseeding will immediately improve your lawns current appearance

Lawn Renovation

Lawn RenovationSome lawns may be easier to start over than try to manage the existing grasses in your lawn.

Our experts can give you advice on which direction may be best to obtain a beautiful lawn.

Renovation can encompass several different steps to obtain your desired lawn.

  • Spray herbicide to kill all existing vegetation.
  • Add soil amendments.
  • Till soil
  • Aerate
  • Apply starter fertilizer
  • Fine grade
  • Sow seed by broadcasting or slicing seed in by machine.

Grub Control

Grub Control

How to keep grubs away from your lawn?

If you have problems with beetles, such as Japanese beetles in the early summer, and dead patches of grass appear in your lawn late summer you could have grubs. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, and chafers among others. The C-shaped creatures feast on the roots of the grass and plants. To find out if you a problem, peel back a sq. ft. of turn or scrape back the top layer of soil in your garden beds. If you see 6 or more grubs, it’s time for action.

It’s easier to control grubs in the lawn when they are small. Preventative grub control products go down before or just as the grub's hatch in spring through early summer or when you see adult beetles.

A few grubs in the garden aren’t usually a problem, but if you notice lots of grubs when you turn the soil, it may be time to protect your plants by taking action.

Our technicians will make recommendations based on current conditions of your lawn and past history and what type of grub control plan is best for your property.

Flea & Tick Control

Mow it right - mow lawn to proper height.

Avoid over watering - fleas and ticks prefer moist environments.

Keep it clean – neatness counts when it comes to eliminating habitats for fleas and ticks to hid and lay eggs.

Check pet hang out – flea and tick larvae remain within 50 ft. of your pet’s favorite resting area.

Limit wildlife – urban wildlife carry fleas and ticks; if critters visit regularly, consider ways to reduce your yard's appeal.

Protect your home – establish a barrier around your home with a pesticide perimeter treatment.

Create a no-migrate zone – remove weeds, brush, and leaf litter.

Consider cedar – cedar mulch repels fleas and ticks, use it as a border or where your pet likes to play or rest.

Welcome predators – if your grass is mowed to the right height, birds eat these insects; but if you’re hanging bird feeders create a balance so you do not attract squirrels or other warm blooded animals.

Let the sun shine – prune trees and shrubs to allow more sunlight as fleas and ticks prefer moist, shady areas.

Lime Application

Lime applicationMost soil in the tri state area does not require lime but there are some areas of exception.

We can take soil samples if you have had trouble with your lawns health and it has not responded to regular fertilization and weed control.

Acidic soils do not allow proper nutrient absorption of the grass, plants and can hinder microorganisms beneficial to control the thatch in your lawn

Landscape Maintenance

Tri State offers maintenance programs for residential and commercial customers. Our staff can outline a complete program to keep your lawn, landscape, and water garden looking clean healthy and adding beauty to your property, we employ a knowledgeable staff trained in maintenance with skills to maintain your lawn and landscape the best in town.

Our landscape program is tailored to the needs of your lawn and landscape and based on your budget and landscape needs.

Below are of the services offered in our complete landscape maintenance program.


  • We offer residential and commercial mowing.
  • Season long mowing includes weed eating, blowing clippings off of walkways, driveways and hardscape’s it includes debris removal during the mow process.

*All mowing contracts will be based on weekly service only*

Spring Landscape Cleanup

  • Remove old mulch from previous season (this is done to prevent excessive mulch build up in the landscape beds that can harm plants).
  • Weeding of the landscape beds.
  • Create a distinctive spade edge between landscape beds and lawn area to hold back mulch.
  • Apply a post and pre emergence herbicide to control weeds.
  • Trimming all shrubbery
  • Pruning of ornamental trees based on species and when they need to be trimmed.
  • Install new fresh hardwoods mulch.

Monthly Landscape Maintenance

*Prerequisite must have spring cleanup performed to have this service. May thru November*

  • Our crew will visit once a month to weed the beds – spot trimming and pruning of shrubbery and ornamental trees.
  • Monitor your landscape for pest disease and any harmful conditions that could jeopardize the beauty and health of your landscape.

Fall Leaf Removal

This service is scheduled twice during the fall to remove leaves.

Fall Cleanup

Same as spring landscape cleanup

Irrigation Startup

  • Startup system includes complete check of lines, zones, heads, backflow preventer, rain sensors.
  • The crew will check to make sure your system is in running efficiently.

Irrigation Winterization

  • Our crew will winterize your system to prevent any damage from freezing temperatures during the winter season.
  • All water will be pushed from lines, leads, and backflow the system will be thoroughly checked during the winterization process.

Spring Annual Flower

Installation of annual flowers in the spring for the spring and summer colors.

Fall Annual Flowers

Installation of annual flowers in the fall for the fall and early spring colors.

Landscape Installation

First, what is landscape installation? 

It is the process of installing plants, water features, rock formations, retaining walls, walkways and patios, and other outdoor structures in a manner where all facets of the landscape complement each other.

Second, what is so important about proper landscape installation? 

Some consumers and businesses have landscape installed without consulting a landscape designer. Many times, it is necessary for the landscape work to be taken out because it does not work for a variety of reasons. Consulting a landscape designer to develop a master plan (the drawing that represents the landscape and/or hardscape - decks, walkways, water gardens, retaining walls, etc.- to be installed) can save a client money. 

An appropriate landscape installation begins with evaluating the master plan to determine what changes will be needed in the grade. What soil amendments are needed and what plants have been selected that need to be installed. 

Once the master plan has been analyzed for these elements, a landscape designer’s knowledge and experience are utilized to determine the appropriate installation approach. Proper landscape installation is the How To of landscaping. Much education, experience and hands on training are required in developing a successful landscape design. If someone’s background and experience is not sufficient for a project to be successful, plants, walkways, retaining walls, water gardens, stone structures, etc. will be improperly installed. 

The landscape installation process begins with the hardscape portion of the landscape. The hardscapes of your landscape are the first features to be installed. Attention to detail is crucial to the overall success of your hardscape design. It is important to have a working knowledge regarding proper procedures of installing hardscape features. Proper installation insures the client problem free use for years to come. It is important to hire a professional in this field as you do in other fields such as a medical doctor when you are ill, an air conditioning specialist when you have this type of trouble.

Lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

Tri State Enterprise takes pride in not over scheduling our crews at the expense of our customers not receiving proper service. With us you will receive dependable service from trained service personnel with the understanding it is a privilege to work on your property. All mow service are set up on a weekly service (season long contracts).


Bush Hog


Cutting of heavy brush and vegetation.   From 1/2 acre lots to multi acre fields. 


Right Away Spraying

Commercial Vegetation Control

Do you have a commercial or industrial property that needs total control of vegetation?   Whether it is a storage site, parking lot, or any location where control of undesirable vegetation is required or needed, we can put together a plan that meets your specifications.

Areas where bare ground vegetation control is used:

• Mini Storage     • Athletic Field (baseball, soccer, football, etc)     • Gravel Driveway     • Parking Lots     • Walkways     • Patios     • Building Perimeters     • Fence Rows     • Farm Buildings     • Around Signposts, Concrete Islands & Right-of-Ways     • Petroleum Tank Farms •Substations     • Pumping Stations

Tri State Lawn Care's Vegetation Control Program can eliminate virtually all types of unwanted vegetation in the area's you want to keep clean.   Out methods are designed to minimize environmental impacts though careful, experienced, selection of treatment methods, timing and appropriate herbicides.   This allows us to reduce the total volume of herbicides needed and protects non-target are and species



Drainage & Irrigation

If you are looking to install new irrigation system or upgrade an existing system, we can help. Our team has installed more irrigation systems in the tri state area in the last 20 years than anyone else.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Athletic Fields

We pride ourselves in installing the latest technologies in the lawn sprinkler industry. Today we install the latest in water saving technologies, the weathermatic weather station. When added to your exiting system this weather station automatically turns off your system when it rains it monitors the temperature and humidity on a daily basis and will automatically adjust the sprinkler run times accordingly to what the weather has been. This can result in a water savings of 30-70 percent.

We're known for our prompt and efficient service from our entire team of sprinkler system pros – from our receptionist to our owners, field technicians to managers. Since the beginning, our philosophy at Tri State Enterprise has been to provide sprinkler products and service that are “simply the best”.

How an Automatic Irrigation System Works


Rain Bird

Water Feature

Ponds & Water Features

Escape the pressures of city life. Indulge in your outdoor living space by tailoring a unique landscape that defines your lifestyle and interests. Our company is built on the integrity of our connection to the natural environment.  As a water garden and pond contractor we've provided our clients with top notch and innovative designs and installations ranging from dazzling waterfalls feeding ponds to the hypnotizing trance of an elegant formal fountain tantalizing the senses.

As your artistic waterscape contractor, water garden landscape designer and installer we will utilize modern concepts to incorporate "green living", all while maintaining the highest standards for meeting your project needs. We want you to feel the serenity and seclusion of your personal oasis where you can sip on a glass of wine in the evening with the clean breezes and aromatic scent of nature's natural bloom, or read a book in your garden overlooking a natural pond with bright colored Koi swimming throughout.

We are distinct in our ability to provide quality and unparalleled craftsmanship to each and every project. We value our client's time by our attention to detail and the level of trust we build with you from start to finish. We value accountability, and we are here to answer your questions and assist you to make the best decisions regarding your water feature/landscaping project.


Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor living area

More tri state residents recognize the value of making good use of the space outside their homes.   Investing in an outdoor living area gives a home owner more usable living space in which to barbecue, garden, entertain, simply relax and unwind.   We can also beautify a home improving curb appeal and boosting value.   

Tri State Lawn Care can help create a custom outdoor living area that’s perfect for your life style.   Your new outdoor living space will be versatile, functional, and attractive backyard for memories you create.

  • Paver patios
  • Segmental Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Outdoor Fire Place
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Pergolas and Gazeebos
  • Water Features and Fountains
  • Children’s Play Area and Equipment

Call Tri State Lawn Care to get your project started


Mosquito control in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia is no longer a luxury, its a necessity!   Mosquito issues have grown so much in the last few years.   It makes it difficult to enjoy time outside.   The swarming mosquito's are taking over.   Tri State Lawn Care is here to help you with mosquito control & treatment.   

The biggest thing that leads to mosquito issues is water.   It is shocking to see how just a small amount of water can lead to an incredible amount of mosquito's.   We have mosquito treatment packages that will bring the whole family back outside.

These mosquito control package prices are base on a 12,000 sq.ft minimum.   Any lawn over 12,000 sq.ft will be priced according to the additional square footage.   

Gold Package Mosquito Page: Six(6) Annual Application Visits(April thru Sept).   Annual Mosquito Control Price $408.00 or $68.00 per application.

• Fogging all trees and shrubs.
• Larvacide application to standing water
• Standing water elimination (if possible)
• Larvacide application to gutters

Silver Package Mosquito Package: Five(5) or less Annual Application Visits(April thru Sept).   Annual Mosquito Control Price $85.00 per application.

• Foggin all trees and shrubs
• Larvacide application to standing water (if possible)
• Standing water elimination 
• Larvacide application to gutters

The Tri State Lawn Care mosquito control program is designed to help reduce the mosquito population by treating nesting and breeding sites around the property.




Tri State Enterprise is COMMERCIAL/WHOLESALE ONLY we carry ornamental trees, various flowers, and ornamental grass.   We have only the highest quality products provided to our customers on time.  Tri State is locally owned and operated in Flatwoods Kentucky.

This area experiences great weather conditions and enjoys long growing seasons with plenty of rainfall (45" - 50" annual projections) and our soil is some of the best in the state; a deep well draining Crider soil that is perfect for the growth of quality plant material.

We are known for working with our customers to not only provide them with their current needs, but also get their input on what varieties they'd like to see us grow and specifically how they'd like the products produced and/or shaped.  This provides us with an ongoing relationship with our customers and keeps us aware of the ever changing market so that we're able to have the types of trees, flowers, and ornamental grass that our industry demands. 

Commercial Snow Removal

Plow Trucks

Tri State has the best equipped and trained grounds management team in the industry. We take pride in managing properties and meeting the toughest grounds care challenges, particularly those required during winter weather.

Our clients trust us to provide reliable, efficient and effective solutions to ensure operations continue as usual, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. We are up to the challenge.

Tri State has decades of experience. Our expertise, coupled with our superior grounds management services, ensures responsive solutions year round.

From drive through to parking lots, you can count on Tri State to ensure surfaces are safe and will help keep your business running. We uphold our promises. And our sustainable approach further guarantees our snow clients spend their money wisely.

Snow plowing

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